Yasmin Khan

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YASS-MAN [clears throat] YASS-MIN!
YASS-MAN [clears throat] YASS-MIN!
Vital statistics
Played by Mandip Gill
Years active 2018 - the end
Travelled with Lucky 13
First story N/A
Last story N/A
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Ryan Jimmy Savile

Police Constable Khan, Hallamshire Police is the newest companion of the Big D. She's known as "Yaas the Slay Queen" to her friends, meaning to nobody.

She's the girl... no not that one.

The semiotic significance of "Yassss Khaaaan" is as-of-yet unknown.

Her father is a famous sitcom star, namely Citizen Khan.


Tragically, Yaz suffered a terrible accident when only a child that left her without a personality. She attempts to compensate with witty dialogue, but as she has only Chris Chibnall writing her lines, she's forced to suffer every week. Almost as much as the audience.

Chib came up with her name while sitting on the toilet, reading news on his phone.