World Enough and Time

World Enough and Time
Sixie's technicolour dream coat has been replaced by a tux with very broad shoulders.
Sixie's technicolour dream coat has been replaced by a tux with very broad shoulders.
Season: The Diary of River Song Volume 2
Episode: 11
Vital statistics
Air date 24 June 2017
Written by James Goss
Directed by Ken Bentley
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Five Twenty-Nine The Eye of the Storm
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World enough and time to play along!
Doctor Who was his original pseudonym, with my final breath as head writer I ream your sensitive fanboy anuses one last time, know this, every conversation you had when you smugly corrected your friends about the main characters name, you were wrong and they were right, just you wait until I get my hands on Dracula.

World Enough and Dinner Time was the third story in volume 2 of Big Finish's The Diary of River Song spin-off series. It starred Colin Baker and Alex Kingston.

Wait, were you looking for the TV episode?

Earth's biggest fucktard Steven Stoppit stole the title of this audio for the penultimate episode of Series 10, the latter of which is probably what you were expecting this page to be about. Ah well.

Feel free to check out Thin Ice and The Pilot, because there's no way even he would do this three times in one series, right?

On top of that, this episode comes dangerously close to blotting out Spare Parts. That wouldn't be a problem if Moffat wasn't a far inferior writer to Marc Platt.

Also they did a Two Masters story in Big Finish as well and with Johan Schmidt returning as the Maestro here... Fuck, Series 10 seems to be the biggest middle finger to Nick Briggs ever, amirite?

Of course, this has no relevance, considering that nothing past The Time of the Doctor is canon.

Rumoured kino for the TV story

Although not much is known about this story, an anon who claims to have seen it gave us this write up, sounds GOAT.

>World Enough and Time is GOAT. It's the Doctor and Missy trapped on a space station orbiting a black hole. It's the Doctor and Missy sitting talking about their childhood with numerous flashback scenes to when the two were children. The boy who played the first Doctor in Listen is back and a new boy actor is playing the Master, black hair bright blue eyes. Moffat. It is revealed the Doctors parents before they died were servants to the Master's father. This is how the Master and Doctor became friends. A great flasback scene shows them meeting for the first time. The Doctors parents are heard but no seen. The son of a neighboring Gallifreyan Astriocrat bullies both the Doctor and Master, the Bully basically poor shames the Doctor which infuriates the Master who kills the bully. The Doctor and Master hide the boys body. It is an adaption of Master. The two boys promise to keep it a secret cementing their friendship. Flashfoward it is revealed the Doctors parents died in an unknown event. Not explained to keep the Mystery surrounding it. The Doctor gets sent to a boys home. The barn and is miserable. The Master begs his father to allow the Doctor to live with them and asks him to vouch for him to become a Time Lord. The Doctor is then inducted into the academy aged 11 which is older than usual. It's just one of the best episodes made for the show. And Gomez is brilliant in it, shes more sane in it and timid. Can't wait for everyone to see it. When I say it's better than Heaven sent I mean it.


Sadly, as perfectly brilliant as this explanation is, it might not prove to be this because this would ruin headcanon for some fans, and the writers hate making bold decisions that would ruin headcanons because the fans would whinge about it all day and all night. They deliberately avoid answering basic questions for this reason alone.

Episode Checklists (Peruse at Your Own Risk)

Gallifrey Base rumors (IT WAS ALL TRUE):

1. The Doctor regenerates at the very start of the episode as the pre-titles cliffhanger, we don't know why or who he changes into, the regeneration is teased again in the episode 12 next time trailer. The regeneration is used to bookend this story. (CONFIRMED)

2. The ship seen in the trailer is a Mondasian colony ship. (CONFIRMED)

3. The topknots (patients with cloths on their head) and the Mondasian Cybermen are the only Cybermen to appear in the episode. The Mondasian Cybermen only show up at the end. (CONFIRMED)

4. This story is the Genesis of the Cybermen. The Master creates the Cybermen at the very beginning of their time line for his own selfish needs and even straight up says "I prefer... Genesis of the Cybermen. Jesus christ, Jackson, really?" (sorry to everyone who loves Spare Parts). (CONFIRMED)

5. Bill not only gets converted into a Cyberman but the FIRST EVER Cyberman. The first Mondasian Cyberman to be made and appear on screen is Bill. (CONFIRMED)

6. Early in the story Bill gets separated from the Doctor and waits 6 years because time is moving differently on both ends of the ship. Her heart has been replaced with Cyber technology. (CONFIRMED)

7. John Simm first appears as Razor with a thick accent and then unmasks and reveals himself to be the Master towards the end. (CONFIRMED)

8. Missy is one of the Master's future incarnations but very far into the future. The Master says something along the lines of "You were here before once. A very, very long time ago". (CONFIRMED)

9. The Master reveals himself to Missy when he says "I am worried about my future" because Missy is turning good. (CONFIRMED)

10. The Cybermen have their proper 60s voice. (CONFIRMED)

11. When Bill is revealed to be the Cyberman it zooms into her eye under the mask and you can clearly see her eye crying under the mask. (CONFIRMED)

12. The emotional inhibitor now no longer removes emotions but teaches Cybermen to ignore their emotions. (CONFIRMED)

13. The Master says "Give us a kiss" to Missy. (CONFIRMED)

14. The Cybermen mention Telos. (CONFIRMED)

15. After being turned into a Cyberman, to avoid upsetting those foolish enough to avoid spoilers, parents, and media watchdogs, Bill gets miraculously un-Cybermanned (Okay, not really a GB rumor, but c'mon, it's Moffat, it's all he ever fucking does. CONFIRMED)

For once GB wasn't lying...



The GOATest thing to come out of Series 10 by far. Probably the best Cybermen story in NuWho as well, at last they're really creepy again, BRAVO MOFFAT!