Wirrn Dawn

Wirrn Dawn
Vital statistics
Range Eighth Doctor Adventures (the audio ones)
Release number 3.4
Release date June 2009
Writer Nicholas Briggs
Doctor Eighth Doctor
Publication order
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The Beast of Orlok The Scapegoat

Wirrn Dawn is an ear story in Season 3 of The Adventures in Paul McGann's Basement. It Pawl Mugan, Sheredun Smiff, Doctor Moon and Clyde Langer (!).


Based Eight and Lucie land slap-bang in the middle of a war between Whomans and Worms, and discover that the only way to reach peace is a sacrifice.


Holy shit, this is GOAT af. A great example of a story where the solution that achieves peace isn't always necessarily the most morally correct one. Also loads of morbid descriptions and a lot of pained screaming.