Voyage of the Damned

Voyage of the Damned
Season: 4
Episode: Christmas Special
Vital statistics
Air date 25 December 2007
Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by James Strong
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Time Crash Partners in Crime
Goodnight sweet prince.
For an atheist, Davies sure does enjoy his Christ imagery.

Time-Flight (NuWho version) was written by RTD and it's the third Christmas Special of NuWho. It stars Neil Tennant, Madonna, Vern Troyer, and the missing link between Matt Smith and Christopher Eccleston.

Plot-like substance

Despite the name of the boat and the presence of a glamorous female love-interest special guest co-star, Voyage of the Damned is in fact a ripoff of The Poseidon Adventure, not of Titanic. I'm not sure if I'm upset by that.

Ten hops on board the Titanic starliner and teams up with potential companion Astrid Peth (played by Kylie Minogue) to save the queen, and also possibly the earth.

Despite doing a rousing speech about being a 900 year old Vietnam Vet and how nobody better fuck with him, a lot of the people he's trying to save end up dead. Kylie dies too. Also spoilers.

A later, superior episode named Midnight serves as a mirror universe version of this special, where the Doctor's rousing speech essentially turns him into the villain of the piece instead of the hero.

At one point, Mr. Copper says "It must be well past midnight, Earth-time. Christmas Day.", even though Earth has different timezones. That should be a perfect example of how retarded the dialogue is in this one.

People really, really like Kylie huh?

Voyage was watched by 13.31 million viewers, the highest viewing figure for Doctor Who since 1979's City of Death and, as of 2017, still the highest ratings of any episode since the show's revival.

All thanks to based Bannakaffalatta.



One of those stories that seriously doesn't get enough hate.

All this in loving memory of Verity Lambert too. Yup, let that sink in.