Victory of the Daleks

Victory of The Daleks Promo.jpg
Season: 5
Episode: 3
Vital statistics
Air date 17 April 2010
Written by Mark Gatiss
Directed by Andrew Gunn
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The Beast Below The Time of Angels
Dalek butlers.

The Victory of the Daleks Over Good Taste occurred a scant few episodes into the first series of the Eleventh Doctor. It stars Mutt Smuth and Curry Gullun as Yummy.


The Daleks try to trick humans by pretending to be their servants, again. The Daleks need the Doctor to help them unlock technology which will revive them, again. The Doctor gets really mad at a Dalek and hollers at it a whole lot, again. New, colorful Daleks appear and show off in front of the old drab Daleks, again. The Daleks need the Doctor's help in evolving to a new form, again. Mark Gatiss makes a right mess of things, again. Mark Gatiss also appears in the episode and hams things up like an idiot, again.

Go Go Dalek Rangers!

The new Daleks come in five colors:

  • The Orange Daleks: Scientists!
  • The Blue Daleks: Strategists!
  • The Red Daleks: Drones!
  • The White Daleks: SUPREME!
  • The Yellow Daleks: Nobody Knows!

The New Dalek Paradigm has never been seen again, thus assuring us it and this entire episode was non-canon.


This page is a lie, /who/ is wrong. This episode is a 10/10 on the comfy scale.

Matt when reading the script.
Matt when watching the episode.