Victoria Waterfield

Victoria Waterfield
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Vital statistics
Played by Deborah Watling
Years active 1967 - 1968
Travelled with Second Doctor
First story The Evil of the Daleks
Last story Fury from the Deep
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Reminder that buffers.
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Victoria Waterfield (played by Deborah Watling), also known affectionately as Buffers, was a companion of the Second Doctor from 1967 to 1968.


She's a smart young lady from the Victorian Era (BRAVO... uh... WHITAKER, PROBABLY).


Victoria first appears in the 1967 story The Evil of the Daleks and leaves in 1968's Fury from the Deep.


Victoria was 14 years old. (Sure, Deborah Watling was 19 or 20, but the character was 14.) Although she'd had a sheltered childhood, and was then orphaned by the Daleks before being kidnapped by the Doctor, she learned pretty quickly.

Her main specialty was pretending to be a naive, sheltered little girl so she could con the bad guys. That, and screaming loud enough to actually kill the monsters.

The Doctor and Jamie constantly tried to get her to wear shorter dresses, and then teased her about it when she did. And Jamie fell in love with her. Did everyone involved in the show forget they'd established that she was 14 years old? Then again, Jamie was apparently meant to be about 17 when the show was out, before it was retconned to make him the same age as Frazer Hines, and back then, 17-year-olds with 14-year-olds wasn't considered to be as obscene as today's age of kids freaking out over 15-year-olds being with 14-year-olds. Not that you're reading any of this, you're still staring at the picture, aren't you?


Only two of her stories - The Tomb of the Cybermen and The Enemy of the World - exist in the archives in full. BRAVO BBC.

Two other Victoria stories, The Ice Warriors and The Web of Fear, were released to DVD with BBC reconstructions filling in the missing segments. Thank god for the Animated Second Doctor.


Fans tended to assume that she was the best and the most important companion simply because a lot of her material was deleted and nobody could see what it was like (lol, with that logic, Dodo would be best companion! Though to be fair, the closest thing to good Dodo material was all deleted, so maybe there's some truth here), creating a massive Victoria hype, especially among the older British fans, that never really went away. Fans have since began to learn from the recovered audio that all she did was scream monsters to death, which is sometimes a good thing (see The Ice Warriors and Fury From the Deep).