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Great Wiki Deletion Scare

I've been on /who/ for years now, but trips are dumb so most of that time I was anonymous. Nowadays, I usually post as n8 !!MMesqba6gpA or n8 !!Cl83kKPeeU or Hunter !!cmlfyG4s5c.

Literally the only thing I ever do on this wiki is occasionally update the Lawrence Miles plagiarism list, which (fun fact) has been read by both El Sandifer and Kate Orman.

I have lots of nostalgia about /who/ for absolutely zero fucking reason. Fortunately haven't been as active as I used to be since getting modded on le r/DoctorWho and r/Gallifrey; now I'm a published Obverse Books author, so that's kind of cool, but I'll never forget that I got my start in Shit Trips!!1!