Under the Lake

Under the Lake
Under The Lake Promo.jpg
Season: 9
Episode: 3
Vital statistics
Air date 3 October 2015
Written by Toby "Not like the building, no" Whithouse
Directed by Sgt. Daniel O'Hara
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The Witch's Familiar Before the Flood
Not just spooky ghosts... the spookiest ghosts.
Spooky Twelve.
The Doctor refers to his notes.

The Doctor and his companion go on an exciting adventure Under the Lake!

Stars Peter Capaldi as the Magician, Jenna Coleman as Borrowed Time, and some other people who are all surely doomed to die.


Aliens with spooky ghosts.


S'great, innit. Trust Doctor Who to rip off Aliens just so that their version of Burke will be a... red herring? BAHHHH HAHAHAHA!

get it because they're under a lake

Was cool that they didn't shove in "THE DEAF GIRL, SHE IS ABLE TO LIP-READ" as an epic revelation, they just had her do it as a natural progression of events without making a big deal out of it.