Turn Left

Turn Left
Rose learns what becomes of her beloved Doctor.
Rose learns what becomes of her beloved Doctor.
Season: 4
Episode: 11
Vital statistics
Air date 21 June 2008
Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by Graeme Harper
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Midnight The Stolen Earth
"You're sure he said 'Geronimo'? Not 'Allons-y'? Maybe we've got the wrong Doctor."
"Waterfield and I first attempted to refine the image in the mirror, and then to project it. In here, Doctor, are one hundred and forty four separate mirrors..."
"What was that episode where it was like Big Brother and Weakest Link and something?"
Now you're just pissing on the show itself.
Donna Noble: I suppose I've always been a disappointment.
Sylvia Noble: Yeah.
~The voice of the fandom.

Turn Left is the doctor-lite episode of Series 4, the first part of the three-part finale (kek, not really), and perhaps the greatest gut punch that RTD ever pulled on the audience.


The Doctor dies in the Thames, in the act of killing the Racnoss. He's unable or unwilling to regenerate. Doctor Who is cancelled. Again.

Martha, Sarah Jane, and the assorted children she's molesting all die in the hospital on the moon. The Sarah Jane Adventures are cancelled. Just a couple seasons early, too.

Torchwood is killed in the act of restoring earth's atmosphere, and Jack is sent to the Sontaran homeworld in the process. Torchwood is cancelled. Thank god.

A giant replica of the titanic crashes into London, killing Queen Elizabeth II and basically the rest of the surviving earthly companions. The queen's christmas day speech is cancelled. I wonder if Max Capricorn got away with it in this version of reality?

Millions of americans are dissolved into sentient fat. The Biggest Loser is cancelled. We should be so lucky.

The Nobles are living on the kitchen floor in a row house in Leeds. Foreigners and jews are being carted away on trucks to concetration camps where they will be converted into Cybermen. Literally every bad thing of the past two series has happened, and it's all Donna Noble's fault because she just had to turn right instead of left. Also, there's a cockroach on her back and literally everybody keeps pointing it out to her but she never washes back there, so it's stuck on there all this time.

Eventually, things get so bad that it's actually nice to see Rose Tyler around. She delivers some absolutely pitiful technobabble, gives Donna the ability to travel through time using the Dalek time machine from Evil of the Daleks, and sends her on a suicide mission. Thankfully, Donna does the only thing she's capable of to benefit the world in any meaningful way which is kill herself, foreshadowing the resolution of Journey's End.

And just as she's fading, and about to travel back to the land of racist asian stereotypes, Rose leans over her and says the magic "end the season" words once more, and then the show just turns into nonsense.