Touched By An Angel

Touched By An Angel
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Release date Unknown
Author Jonathan Morris
Doctor Eleventh Doctor
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Touched By An Angel is a Dokkta Huu book by my boi Jonny. It stars a huge chin-foot, a big nose and a pair of legs, and it is the only good the best Weeping Angel story.

It tells the tale of some widow getting chucked back in time by the sp00py stone bitches, where he has the chance to bonk his wife one last time save his wife before she gets rekt by a truck. The Doka, Emu and Roar need to stop this from happening because these Angels nom on paradoxes, and they will fuck up time forever if the dead chick is saved.

Featuring loads of timey-wimey, but in a good way, not a bad way.

It deals with the concept of grief and is depressing as fuck. My kind of story.

And since Rory doesn't ask who the Angels are in The Shitters Take Shithattan, this story can be counted as super duper canon along with the TV stories (although it won't be, because /who/'s snobby like that).