Nice try on the Coat there, Big Finish.
Nice try on the Coat there, Big Finish.
Season: 22
Episode: 5
Vital statistics
Air date 9 - 16 March 1985
Written by Glen McCoy
Directed by Pennant Roberts
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The Two Doctors Revelation of the Daleks
The correct spelling.
Exploring Santa's Grotto.
Porn Colin Timelash.jpg

Timelash is the fifth story of Season 22 and it's terrible. Honestly, it's the worst story of Colin Baker's era, and easily a contender for one of the worst stories ever made.

That Bad Huh?

"Bad, no...it's disastrous."


But why is that, you might ask? What is so terrible about this story that it has consistently fallen into the bottom 10 in official episode polls?

Ah, I'll explain one day. It'll be a neat summation.

I'll give this heading a good name someday

This'll be a neat paragraph.


I'm sure I'll reach a neat conclusion on this story one day. Come along, Herbert. HERBERT!