Thin Ice

When you see this week's episode, you'll shit bricks. Just like the monster.
— Sarah Dollard

Thin Ice
when you about to fuck but shes a lesbian
when you about to fuck but shes a lesbian
Season: 10
Episode: 3
Vital statistics
Air date 29 April 2017
Written by Sarah Dollard
Directed by asBill Anderson
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Briggs is triggered... kek.
Bill overjoyed at the thought of fish pie.
Bill snorting shit.

Thin Ice is episode Pertwee of Series Tennant. It's original title was We Wuz Victorianz before the episode was renamed during the current year. It stars Peter Capaldiddle and Macklemore and features the tragic loss of Pete. It's written by Sarah Dollard, who wrote the story Assault of the Benefactors. It also has the same title as a Big Finish story.

Moffat has a new enemy.

Aptly named for the fact that Little Miss Moffat is also standing on it too.


Tumblr: The Episode: The Motion Picture.

The TARDIS is a bad girl and decides to take Bill to get some fish pie because we all know Bill is missing Heather (aren't we all?) New companion Pete is erased from existence mere minutes into the episode and never mentioned again, proving once again just how dangerous time travel really is.

Once Bill is done gobbling fish tacos they realise there's a giant fish under the ice who's eating people. They gather some street urchins and feed them to it, the satisfied fish swims off and the day is saved. Also the Doctor gives a rousing speech.

There's also a rather good scene where Bill demands to know if the Doctor has killed people and he happily admits to being a murderer.


asBill continues her proud tradition of asking sci-fi fanboy questions, this time running into that huge bugbear of "Wait, isn't pre-1830s Britain/1860s America a particularly dangerous place for a black time traveler to visit?" that racist concerntrolls use to shut down discussion of a potential black Doctor. The episode also hits on the old RTD-era trick of filling up the past with black and brown extras, resulting in the Doctor concluding that history is written by the winners the white devil.

Pete ;_;

As the episode takes place in 1814, it is not technically part of the Victorian Era. However, as it takes place during a frost fair, it is technically part of the Silence story arc.

Oh, and the Doctor punches a racist or something. I dunno, I didn't watch it.

According the horse's mouth, the scene where the Doctor punches Scrooge McDuck was based on an event where weenie king Richard Spencer was bravely punched in the face by an antifa cuck who then ran away.

The Big Finish Story

Moffat himself at a board meeting asked his fellow writers: "Okay guys, how can we really fuck with Briggs?" And so, Thin Ice was born. Briggs responded by hanging himself. But there's no way Moffat could do this twice in the same series could he of course not how ridiculous.