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The history of /who/ is a difficult one to encapsulate. In fact I'd postulate that no one person can accurately summarise it as /who/ has been running more or less 24/7 for over three five and counting years now and encompasses thousands upon thousands of shitposts, several wars and the creation of this wiki. But fuck it, I'll give it a shot anyway.


/who/ dates back to the 50th Anniversary year of 2013 when /dwg/ threads (Doctor Who General) were becoming so common with all the 50th hype that the users of 4chan's /tv/ decided to create the eternal /who/ general. As of 2017 it's still going, despite occasionally being kill.


The seeds of /who/ actually date back even further, just that it didn't get the /who/ prefix and 24/7 threads until 2013 onwards. Before that there were often /dwg/ threads, and of course there were always live threads, pic dumps, news announcements and of course the beloved Colin Baker generals.


The COLIN BAKER GENERAL threads were usually started by Colin Baker and predate both /who/ and /dwg/. Although occasionally threads in their own right, more often than not early Doctor Who discussion threads would simply become COLIN BAKER GENERALS when an anon would turn up and announce that the thread was now a COLIN BAKER GENERAL. Said anon would then rapidly dump pics of Colin Baker until the thread was indeed a COLIN BAKER GENERAL. Anyone who attempted to protest would be repeatedly reminded that the thread was now a COLIN BAKER GENERAL until they stopped protesting.

"It was marvellous." ~ Colin Baker, 2017.


In one way or another various iterations of /who/ (or certainly Doctor Who discussion threads) have been around since the birth of /tv/ as a board on April 6, 2006. Of course, the early Doctor Who threads were probably /b/-tier memey shit, but so was everything else in 2006. Of course, times change and so must we.

Eras of /who/

Day & Night

In the olden days of 2013 /who/ was divided into Night /who/ and Day /who/. Night /who/ was known for comfy discussions and a pleasant atmosphere, whereas Day /who/ was known for shitposting and newfaggotry. Over the years the two have blended enough to be virtually indistinguishable from one another. No one is quite sure whether this is a good or bad thing.

Leak /who/

In mid-2014 /who/ experienced leak /who/ in all its glory when the first five episodes of Series 8 leaked onto the deep web thanks to renowned big guy Marcelo Camargo.


A good /who/ has gone to war several times - most notably The Last Great Trip War, The Last Great Gallifrey Base/4chan War and The Second Last Great Gallifrey Base/4chan War.

On-season /who/

On-season /who/ encompasses those brief few months when the show is actually airing and traffic rises as a result. This is also when the live threads occur, along with a massive increase in shitposting (which can all be rather fun, though it helps to watch the episode again later.)

The /who/locaust

In 2018, /who/ was finally erased from 4chan. Full article here.


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