The Zygon Who Fell to Earth

The Zygon Who Fell to Earth
Vital statistics
Range Eighth Doctor Adventures (the audio ones)
Release number 2.6
Release date June 2008
Writer Paul Magrs
Doctor Eighth Doctor
Publication order
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Grand Theft Cosmos Sisters of the Flame/Vengeance of Morbius

The Earth Who Fell to Zygon is a series of sounds and performances synchronized together for the pleasure of one's audio receptors. Part of the bliss of the listening experience can be attributed to the involvement of Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith, who use their smooth sexy voices to bring to life the characters of Sir Doctor of TARDIS and Dame Lucie Miller of Bleedin' Blackpool.

It's an EDA that's GOAT.


Shoes and North visit Auntie Pat in the 80s, who's hitched and loaded despite not being so in the future. Turns out her hubby is a horny Zygon called Trevor, and some homoerotic butt buddies of his are stalking him to snap him out of it and make him help kill all h00muns.

Turns out Trevor shoved a crystal vital to the Zygon ships' weapon system into Pat's bitchpussy, and the only way to get it out again is to fuck it out of her. The evil Zygons do this, and the sex is so good that it kills Pat. Triggered, Trevor blows their ship up with them on it and permanently assumes Pat's form to live out her life in the future, and he and the Doctor never mention it to Lucie to avoid the feels... Oh wait.

Oh my...

The Zygons suckle the tiddies of the Skarosen at one point, and Pat comments on how Trevor is her "hunk of Zygon"... Uh yeah, are we sure Zygon: When Being You Just Isn't Enough is the true Zygon porno?


Beats that Series 9 ISIS crap by a country mile.