The Writing™

The Writer™, out to ruin Doctor Who forever.

The Writing™!

What is "The Writing™"?

It is a baseless criticism.

It is a scapegoat.

"Oh, Peter Capaldi is good but The Writing™ sucks!".

People who say this and other such nonsense have no idea what actually goes into making an episode. Someone doesn't just write an episode then they go out to film it once it's finished, it's a thing that takes countless drafts and rewrites.

Whenever someone complains about The Writing™, it's almost always an excuse to complain at something you don't like without actually giving legitimate criticisms. The Writers™ don't just go out and say "oh, let's try and make every episode his series be bad!" and there isn't just one Writer™.

It is okay to not like stuff. You don't even need a reason to dislike an episode or an era, it could just be something that's not your cup of tea. But blaming The Writing™ without any criticisms just tells me that you want others to take the blame for something that you can just keep quiet about.