The Witch's Familiar

The Witch's Familiar
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Season: 9
Episode: 2
Vital statistics
Air date 26 September 2015
Directed by Hettie MacDonald
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The Magician's Apprentice Under the Lake
Based Missy
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The Witch's Familiar is the second episode of the long awaited Series 9 and the finale of a two-parter beginning with the The Magician's Apprentice


It's the "The Master in the Sewer" joke from The Curse of Fatal Death stretched out to a whole episode, pretty much.


TLDR: 12 gets comfy with Davos and Clara is comically pushed and abused around by Missy. Overall a pretty good episode. Second best opener behind Eleventh Hour. 8/10

It was pretty damn good. 12/Davros scenes were really well done, just two old enemies having a discussion (Julie Bench put in an astounding performance). Clara/Missy dynamic was fun and this was the best use of the master in NuWho, felt very Delgado with the whole dynamic. There were some niggles big glaring issues but it was pretty good in my opinion.

For one, the cliff-hangers of The Magician's Apprentice were basically irrelevant window-dressing and all addressed in the first minute of the episode, because otherwise the two-parter clearly just becomes a really long story about the Doctor talking to Davros and whatever. The fake death scenes were only there so that viewer interest would persist over the week gap between airings, and so that Moffat could quickly address why Missy wasn't dead.

Cliffhangers have always been like that though. Not sure what you were expecting.

It didn't really have any affect on the Doctor; who failed to do anything out of character at all; he just said "I'm A PSycho with notghin to lose!1" a few times but he didn't follow through on shit so who cares.

You miss the chair scene?

Anyone's death, of course, was completely removed from the equation

>cliffhanger death



The fun of Cliffhangers are how they get out of it. Like when Fifth Doctor almost got beheaded.

The Daleks were pathetic and harmless, as they almost always are in NuWho. The best Daleks were the based poo Daleks. It's unsatisfying when a whole city full of flying Daleks screaming about exterminating the Doctor is ten times less threatening than a solitary and silent one from The Daleks. Davros completely forgot about the Dalek sewers despite obviously having been working on his grand master plan for a while, and the Doctor knew about them and planned to use them to his advantage despite not encountering them in the episode (but Missy knew about them in advance, so why wouldn't he?). The mercy stuff was a boring plot point and silly explanation for the Doctor recognizing Clara, too.

Possibly interesting characterization and genuinely emotionally touching interaction between the Doctor and Davros was immediately revealed as an ebin ruse (then surmounted by yet another "gotcha!!!"), which some people have understandably defended as inevitable considering the nature of Davros' character and his relationship with the Doctor. The only thing is, this would have been a much more interesting (and plausible) way to develop lore than the lame hybrid stuff; Moffat appears to be inching closer and closer to pre-Unearthly Child events in his rabid assault on Who lore.

>implying any of the writers will ever kill Davros for good

Anyway just because he had a villainous scheme doesn't mean what he said wasn't sincere.

More boring prophecy shit appeared, apparently now also the reason the Doctor "ran away" in the first place. Some retconning and insertion of dull "game-changing" plot points that will last a season. A lot of people complained about the sound quality, music seemed to have been mixed louder than dialogue. A nice number of people enjoyed the episode though.

By the way, the episode is pretty funny.

>Using a stick when you have a knife

>Missy pushing Clara down the hole

>Clara stealing Missy's stick and saying Missy wont survive turning around and not doing anything when she does.

> Admit it. You've all had this exact nightmare.

>Pretty much the whole chair sequence

>12's reaction when he realizes his plan failed and he was back in the basement with Davros

>Missy using Clara as bait for the Dalek

>The only other chair on Skaro.

>12 taking the Sunnies when Davros thought he wanted the Confession Dial

>You are not a good doctor.

>Clara actually agreeing to get into the Dalek

>Tell them the Bitch is back

>Missy poking Davros eye

>Sunnies reveal

>Maybe some other stuff i'm forgetting


Phil must have creamed his pants when Missy asked why the Doctor survived his imaginary adventure and, in response, the Doctor turned and looked at the camera.


First Doctor Who episode to have a naughty word said uncensored and uninterrupted, except for End of the World when Rose said the same word

Davros has no legs

Daleks CAN'T DIE, EVER, NO, NOT EVEN THE ONES IN THE ACTUAL EPISODE. (This isn't counting the one Missy killed in the sewers so that Clara could drive its shell and all the ones drowning in sewage at the end.)

Davros has real eyes because muh Darth Vader parallels

Special Weapons Daleks can talk

The Master had a daughter, get going rule 34 pervs

Now we know why Daleks always shout "exterminate!"

Some anon found that the Russians had a copy of the episode several hours early, and several people tried to watch it and found that there was just some Russian narrator translating everything which made it impossible to hear any of the dialogue. Several people left the thread to avoid spoilers, lol.

The entire two-parter was constructed to lead up to the "Your sewers are revolting" pun.