The Waters of Amsterdam

The Waters of Amsterdam
Vital statistics
Range Main Range
Release number 208
Release date January 2016
Writer Jonathan Morris
Doctor Fifth Doctor
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You Are the Doctor and Other Stories Aquitaine

The Waters of Marsterdam is an ear story by Briggs Finish Productions. It stars Puttee Days as Fivey, Janit Feelding as The Warlord Tegana, and Suttle Sarah as Nisser.


Picking up immediately where Arc of Infinity left off (which only the most dedicated people will remember since everyone who isn't addicted to crack falls asleep 5 seconds into watching that story), we are shown... well, told, that Tegan got the sack after bringing her RealDoll onto one of her flights. Also Rembrandt has drawn spaceships and some water thingies are chasing down a chick with golden skin, who's giving the Doctor the ol' Drahvin routine of "help me I'm a mere innocent except I'm not". Loads of timey-wimey rewriting and relationship drama. Then the Doctor fucks off to do Omega and then comes back.


It's pretty comfy. I usually couldn't care about the drama episodes where the companion drags their sex life into the show, but here it showed another side to Tegan that was desperately needed after that MUH HEATHROW fiasco. The actual plot itself is really g00d too, as we get another take on the historical figure - one who doesn't care if he's beloved in the future if it's not helping his predicament now. Gr8 sound design too, I love me the sound of rain on windows, especially when I'm lying in my bed and crying myself to sleep.

Guess what, you can listen to part one for free!