The War Machines

The War Machines
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Season: 3
Episode: 10
Vital statistics
Air date 25 June - 16 July 1966
Written by Ian Stuart Black and Kit Pedler
Directed by Michael Ferguson
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Years later, in About Time, Lawrence Miles and Tat Wood agreed that the rejected alternate title The Iron Patriots was "way cooler".

The War Machines is the tenth story of Season 3 and the first ever "proper" Earth Based Story. It's also basically the plot of War Games. The movie, not the second Doctor story.


Dodo realized that her incompetence was pissing off the viewers at home, so she decided to do the logical thing and let WOTAN skullfuck her, giving her gonorrhea in the process. Afterward she sent Hartnell a note saying "lol bye!" and the show was no longer ruined.

Ben and Polly were brought in to fill the companion void. Enjoy them while you can here, because you'll never see them again after this.


It's totally not canon, because WOTAN says "DOCTOR WHO IS REQUIRED".