The War Doctor

The War Doctor
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Began December 2015
Ended February 2017
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Ollistra shrugging at the quality of these boxsets.

The War Doctor was the Big Finish audio range devoted to the titular John Hurt incarnation of the Doctor. It began in 2015 and ran for 2 years.


The cover, showing Hurt's "shit, am I really doing this?" face.

It was created because Briggs noticed that Hurt had been completely wasted in the Shit of the Doctor special and wanted to fulfill his potential, and Hurt was up for it because he was dying as fuck and needed to earn monies from sitting down at a mic.


Only the Monstrous

No. Name Writer
1.1 The Innocent Nicky Bicky
1.2 The Thousand Worlds Briggohas Niggs
1.3 The Heart of the Battle Based Biggy

Infernal Devices

No. Name Writer
2.1 Legion of the Lost Based Jonny
2.2 A Thing of Guile Phil Muh-writing
2.3 The Neverwhen Matt Technobabbon

Agents of Chaos

No. Name Writer
3.1 The Shadow Vortex David Llewellyn
3.2 The Eternity Cage The GOAT writer of Full Circle
3.3 Eye of Harmony Ken Get-Bentley

Casualties of War

No. Name Writer
4.1 Pretty Lies Guy Adams
4.2 The Lady of Obsidian Ayy, Full Circle writer again
4.3 The Enigma Dimension Big Nuggets


Cardinal Ollistra was an important, high-ranking Time Lord during the Time War. She was played by Jacqueline Pearce of Blake's 7 fame, and was... actually pretty good. She shows up in some other audios set around the Time War too, and her previous incarnation has even appeared in the fourth boxset of Doom Coalition. The series needed more than 1 or 2 good characters, but at least she was one of them.


WarDoc's character theme, I'm Not The Doctor, was actually pretty GOAT. Howard Carter's Doctor Who theme music for WarDoc also fitted pretty well, very bombastic.



The War Doctor audios had massive amounts of hype behind them. People couldn't believe Briggs Finish actually managed to get fucking Sir John Hurt, the legend. Actual stories set in the Time War! An actual John Hurt series! What could go wrong?

Well... quite a lot of things, it turned out. The stories were by and large very standard Dalek fare. There was very little Time War weirdness. And the War Doctor wasn't any more war-y than seen on TV, aka not war-y at all. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the missed opportunity of the series. The first story featured more juice than anything else, ffs. 

/who/'s opinion

Gonna quote an insightful anon from a recent thread here:

"One thing I can't stand about today's Big Finish is the need to give every little element its own boxset/range. Why are we getting a Time War Master boxset, a Time War Gallifrey boxset and a Time War Eighth Doctor boxset instead of having Doctor Who Time War stories with the Master and Romana as one would expect?

Imagine if instead of wasting John Hurt on mediocre action stories, they had made a War Doctor series with him, Jacqueline Pearce, Derek Jacobi (if River can meet 8, she could have met War), Juliet Landau, hell, maybe even a guest appearance by Timothy Dalton somewhere, focusing on hard moral choices and on how the Doctor, the Time Lords and the universe were changed by the war. Not a hundred different boxsets of monster runarounds designed to run until the idea has been bled dry or the actor dies, just a straight series of 12 episodes of good sci-fi drama with a beginning, middle and end, maybe leading into Day of the Doctor. That would have done justice to the picture of the Time War that RTD painted and to Hurt's skill as an actor.

I believe the Time War is such a fundamental thing in the history of Doctor Who that you can only do it justice by embracing everything that it meant for the Doctor. It's not something that is there to milk endless boxsets out of."

End of the range

Sadly the inevitable happened and John Hurt kicked the bucket in early 2017, ending the range with the fourth boxset. This resulted in the Eighth Doctor Time War saga being extended from one boxset to four as a means to not completely waste the ideas they had developed for Granddad.