The Tomorrow People


Okay, take Classic Doctor Who. Specifically, 80s Doctor Who. Now half its already low budget. Then recast everybody with Adric, a whole crowd of Adrics. That's The Tomorrow People, a show about genetically superior children, that equated "genetically superior" with "smarmy autists in revealing clothing who can teleport".


Even for an audience too familiar with Torchwood and Bill Potts, Tomorrow People was gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. While they don't outright mention it, the subtext is heavier than Tom Baker's kidney stones. Every other serial involves an underage boy in either an opened shirt or bondage gear screaming for help as some alien gimp captures him. Marathoning this show is like going through a parade of long-haired barely pubescent twinks getting sexually humiliated by ITV producers. And I know that might sound exciting for you pedophiles, but it doesn't distract from how boring this show is otherwise. The slowest Doctor Who serial feels like a Tennant episode compared to this dreck. Now imagine being a child at the time this aired, and watching this show while all of your friends would rather watch Blake's 7 or Tom Baker. Depressing, isn't it?


Just like Doctor Who, it was brought back for a new audience. Except it was brought back two times. Once as a 90s Nickelodeon show that removed all the pandering shots of shirtless little boys but kept the meandering story. Again as a 2013 CW melodrama that retained the shirtlessness, but aged all the boys up to their mid to late twenties.

And in the midst, Big Finish made a brief audio revival featuring the original 70s cast, lasting for 5 series before Briggs realized nobody liked Tomorrow People for the plot and cancelled it.

Recently, a fourth attempt to revive this franchise of homosexual psychic children was successful and appealed beyond the elderly, sexually repressed men demographic. Except they retitled it Stranger Things.