The Time Meddler

The Time Meddler
The Time Meddler.jpg
Season: 2
Episode: 9
Vital statistics
Air date 3 July -

24 July 1965

Written by Dennis Spooner
Directed by Douglas Camfield
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The Time Meddler is the final story of Doctor 2 Season Who and it is GOAT. Well actually, it's a little bit dull. But GOAT as well... GOLL?

It saw the First Doctor, Vicki, Steven and a panda on a chair stopping some dude in robes from changing time. Sheer poetry, dear boy.

Ermagersh, trivia

It was a significant story in the show's history because it was the first one to show a member of the Doctor's own clique; in this case it was Lucie Miller's future pimp the Meddiddling Monk played by Peter Bufferworth.

It's also the first full adventure for based Steven, and the first story not to feature Ian and Barbara (don't get me wrong they were great companions, but... c'mon, if they were in this story there would be yet another subplot where Barbara gets sold into sex slavery and Ian screams at everyone until he finds her).

This is another one of those stories where Hartnell's Alzheimer's lead to him getting lost on his way to the studio one day (in this case it was for the filming of episode 2). The production team covered this up by using out-of-context police audio recordings from when Billy was thrown in jail for bashing "one of them coloureds" over the head with a rock, playing them over footage of Bufferworth pretending the Doctor was offscreen in a locked room. Ah well, it's at least better than what they did for The Celestial Toymaker.