The Three Doctors

Oh, so you're my replacements - a dandy and a clown.
— The First Doctor being a grumpy old cunt.

The Three Doctors
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Season: 10
Episode: 1
Vital statistics
Air date 30 December 1972 - 20 January 1973
Written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin
Directed by Lennie Mayne
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The Time Monster Carnival of Monsters
Are we to take the title as >implying there are four Doctors in this episode?
For once he doesn't have to explain later

The 33⅓ Doctors is the 1973 first serial of Season 10 of Literally Who.

The Three Doctors kicked off the tenth anniversary year of the show with all three original Docs - both William Heartcondition and Patrick Trombone returned to join Jon Pertwurst as the Doctor.


It's the first multi-Doctor story and establishes the concept of the Doctor being able to meet past incarnations. It also ends the Third Doctor's interminable exile to Earth. Was also the first time the Brig and Sergeant Benton entered the TARDIS.

Also, something about William Blake.


The Time Lords are under siege so they break the laws of time (again) and summon two previous incarnations of the Doctor to help the Third Doctor get them out of some deep shit.

Unfortunately by this point Hartnell was deteriorating rapidly due to various diseases and could only sit in a chair and read cue cards, so the First Doctor's appearance is confined to showing up on a monitor and yelling at the other two occasionally. Anyway after the usual padding, Two and Three discover Omega's behind it all.


It's a bit dated and filled with bad special effects but it has some great banter especially between Troughton and Pertwee. The Brig is awesome as always.

The whole back story of Omega is fairly interesting, even if the actor playing him seems to think he's doing Shakespeare and is over the top as all fuck. Still, it's worth a watch.