The Space Pirates

The Space Pirates
Yes there is a book too.
Yes there is a book too.
Season: 6
Episode: 6
Vital statistics
Air date 8 March - 12 April 1969
Written by Robert Holmes
Directed by Michael Hart
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The Seeds of Death The War Games

The Space Pirates is one of the most mind-bogglingly boring and soul-renderingly dull stories you will ever sit through in your entire life. You think your own daily life is bad, with your tedious office job and monotonous family visits? Try sitting through this train wreck; trust me, the rest of your life will feel like you've snorted crack in comparison.

There's a pretty damn good reason why just about the rest of Season 6 survived yet this has (fortunately) remained hidden in someone's basement (probably McGann's). Seriously, if anyone finds any copies of The Space Pirates, feel free to burn them. Nobody wants 'em (no, don't actually literally burn them you nincompoops!).

The roles of the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are noticeably limited here, as they knew they were too good for this story.

Also, the production assistant for this story is none other than JNT himself! If this was the first Doctor Who he worked on, it's no wonder he wanted to become showruiner.


Who cares? It's dull as dogcrap, and you're not gonna remember any of the characters in it. I know I certainly fucking don't.

If you want to know how dull it is, this and The Seeds of Death are considered the stories with Troughton's absolute worst acting in it as a result of simply being bored with the character and stories in question. That's right, this script is so boring that Troughton didn't want to do this, and his acting gave it away. His acting suddenly improved greatly in The War Games because it was, you know, interesting.

Planned 2019 Animated Release

Now that the Bae-BC have created an animated version of Powah of da Dalekz to celebrate 50 years since it's original transmission, prep thine anuses for the most exciting followup anniversary animation they could possibly consider - this story! I mean it's a no-brainer really, it would be totally deserving of an animated reconstruction, amirite?