The Smugglers

The Smugglers
The Smugglers.jpg
Season: 4
Episode: 1
Vital statistics
Air date 10 September 1966 - 1 October 1966
Written by Brian Hayles
Directed by Julia "totally not a token" Smith
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As usual, based Hartnell doesn't even give a fuck.
The Doctor explains to a horrified Ben and Polly just why he had to strangle Dodo with his bare hands.

The Smugglers is the dull as shit opening to Season 4 of Foctor Gru. It features the first trip of Ben and Polly "you can't enjoy us as companions because the BBC are nazis" in the TARDIS, as well as nothing interesting at all.


So Ben and Polly break into the TARDIS, not unlike most of the First Doctor's companions. The travelers are whisked off to seventeenth century Cornwall, which is duller than it sounds. They accidentally interrupt a suicidal church wardens drunken binge, and he mistakenly tells the Doctor some total bullshit that causes a lot of problems.

Anyways, some pirates show up looking for some treasure, which you think would be interesting, but Hayles manages to make it bland as fuck. No joke, I fell asleep during episode 3, which isn't even the dullest of the four. Ben and Polly and the Doctor are separated, because no one knows how to write historicals in any other way. Some more bullshit happens, Blake shows up with some Militiamen, there's a battle, and almost everyone dies while the Doctor, Ben, and Polly laugh it all of in the TARDIS. Of course, the joke is on the Doctor, because his number is up next.


There really isn't that much to say, because not that much happened. It's definitely the weakest premiere so far, and it's kind of disappointing that this is ol' Billy's penultimate episode, but what can you do? Not fall asleep watching it like I did, that's what.