The Seeds of Doom

The Seeds of Doom
The Seeds of Doom.jpg
Season: 13
Episode: 6
Vital statistics
Air date 31 January - 6 March 1976
Written by Robert Banks Stewart
Directed by Douglas Camfield
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The Brain of Morbius The Masque of Mandragora
Delicious house, nom nom nom.
Out of character? Who cares, it's Tom motherfucking Baker.
Not a picture of a Krynoid, I just wanted to share more of this FUCKING BADASSERY.

The Seeds of Doom is a GOAT conclusion to a GOAT season of a "GOAT" TV show. On top of featuring one of the best monsters in all of Who and just all around being a fantastic story, it also has the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith at their absolute best, and they don't get much better (obviously, because you can't really get any better if you're already at your best).

Awesome characters of awesomeness

While still making quips and delivering some truly hilarious physical gags and lines of dialogue, Tom Baker also proves how awesome he is when sincere as his Doctor turns into a furious badass action star. All you special snowflake Tumblrfags who wanna bone David Tennant because "AWH, THE MAN WHO NEVER WOULD <3" can eat shit, I'mma just be chillin' over here watching Four flat out snap some scrublord's neck.

Sarah is also awesome in this one, being smart and inquisitive in every situation, and rebutting a sexist remark from Scorbi in a brief and badass way that's actually appropriate to the situation, instead of just being instantly triggered and stopping everything dead for a 50 page essay on feminism and the depiction of women in the media like she probably would if this story were written today. Also, while this is gonna sound fruity as fuck, her relationship with the Fourth Doctor is... *ahem*... adorable...

The main villain of the story is a guy by the name of Harrison Chase, and holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck he is creepy. Like, so many other Doctor Who stories (specifically in NuWho) think the key to making a good villain is to just make them batshit retarded and over the top, but Chase is eerily calm pretty much all the time, even when doing something physically violent like when he's torturing the Doctor by continually picking him up and throwing him into a pile of barrels, yet he still remains with a skin-crawlingly sombre expression. Even when things go his way there's never even a smirk, it's just a constant blank face. And unlike Morgus, the performance doesn't feel flat or unenthusiastic; its absolutely perfect for the character.

The rest of the cast are pretty great, especially Scorbi and the artist lady.

Monstah of the 6 weeks

The Krynoids are the enemy of this edition and they're awesome too, even if the costume is just a repaint of the flying spaghetti monsters. The model shot of the fully grown Krynoid on the roof of the mansion, while choppy yes, it's still visually awesome-looking. The pods look creepy af, just as the Krynoid breathing sounds spoopy. Moffuck clearly ripped off their breathing sound for the Silence.


Guys... C'mon now... If this isn't in your Top 10 Tom Baker stories, you're wrong. In fact, you're wrong if you think it isn't as good as Genesis of the Daleks. Yeah I said it, come at me.