The Savages

The Savages
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Season: 3
Episode: 9
Vital statistics
Air date 28 May - 18 June 1966
Written by Ian Stuart Black
Directed by Christopher Barry
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The Gunfighters The War Machines
Literally one of only three HD images surviving of this story.

The Sandwiches was a story of Season 2 + 1 of TorWho Doc. It featured Billy Hilly as Grandpa Simpson, Jackie "I can't act to save my life" Lane as Odod, and most importantly, it was the final story for Steven. FUCK YEAH, HE FINALLY WENT AFTER 7 YEARS OF THAT HORSESHIT SILENCE CRAP-Oh wait, not that Steven, the other one...


Evil all-knowing blokes known as the Elders on a planet somewhere have their source of all-knowingness revealed - the stolen mental energy of lower class citizens hiding in caves, who they dub "the savages". The Elders then pretty much eat the Doctor's brain and Steven has gotta finish off the story while dragging a lobotomized Billy Hartnell around with him.


It's actually a genuinely good story that a lot of people unfortunately ain't seen because it's missing. Even then though, the audio tracks are available, yet you don't really hear a lot of fans clambering for this one's return. Even The Celestial Toymaker and The Space Pirates, two of the shittiest stories ever created, seem to get more love from missing episode enthusiasts.

Even Dodo isn't that bad in this story... I mean, Jackie Lane is still annoying as fuck, but at least the character isn't randomly blundering into the middle of gunfights that don't concern her this time.


  • Unfortunately this story is the first where Hartnell's ill health was really beginning to become a detriment to the show. I mean, he completely forgets who he is in episode 3 and doesn't even begin talking again until near the end of the story. Tragic.
  • It was the final First Doctor story to take place off Earth (Translation: It was the last one to have a budget).
  • The working title of this story was The White Savages.
  • A few really poor quality clips survive of this story, most of which depicting Steven's goodbye.