The Robots of Death

The Robots of Death
The Robots of Death.jpg
Season: 14
Episode: 5
Vital statistics
Air date 29 January - 19 February 1977
Written by Chris Boucher
Directed by Michael E. Briant
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Leela tries out of one of D84's stimulation settings.
The Robots of lol.

The Robots of Death is the fifth serial of Season 14 of the programme Good Ol' Doc Who featuring Tom "I got this" Baker as the Doctor and Leela as his stabby-stabby companion.


The Doctor and Leela land inside a desert planet-traveling futuristic drilling/mining machine being run by a racially-diverse yet argumentative crew and a shitload of cool-looking robots. One crew-member turns up dead so they blame the two unknown and newly arrived people - the Doctor and Leela of course. As the story unwinds, more crew-members die like something from an Agatha Christie story and things look dire when Tom Baker is buried in dog chow. I'm not gonna spoil this one for you because it's too fun to watch.

The mining machine is supposed to be like some huge metal machine the size of a cruise ship but it's obviously only about the size of a toaster being pushed around on some sand across a plaster table top model. This was the final appearance of Tom's based wooden TARDIS control room before the BBC twats let it get ruined whilst in storage. The crew all drezz for the occasion rather flamboyantly, the robots are amazingly cool art deco creations despite the usual budgetary restrictions (who needs money when you know what the the fuck you're doing?) and the script hums along with dialogue displaying both black humor and mordant wit.


Really damn comfy shit, another Tom Baker being his best ever. Better than probably 75% of NuWho.


RTD ripped off these robots for the Angel robots in The Titanic Christmas to lesser effect (for further examples of such, see: Weeping Angels).

Apparently Tom Baker thought this episode was shit.

The brief mention of a city called Kaldor in this story was enough to spawn an entire audio spinoff series (which is also a Blakes 7 spin-off).