The Red Lady

The Red Lady
Vital statistics
Range Doom Coalition
Release number 1.2
Release date October 2015
Writer John Dorney
Doctor Eighth Doctor
Publication order
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The Eleven The Galileo Trap

The Red Lady is the second story in the first box set of Doom Coalition. It is an absolute GOAT from the pen of John "The Goat Farmer" Dorney. 


Paul John "H8rz gunna h8" McGann's GOAT Doctor and TV's Nicola Walker arrive in London, 1963 - #original. They meet Helen Sinclair, some far-out shit happens with ancient artwork and they save the day with scarves. Liv's a poet and she just don't know it.


This is a GOAT and a half, me lad! Second only to Absent Friends in its overwhelming positive reaction.