The Pyramid at the End of the World

The Polyhedron at the Conclusion of the Heavenly Body
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Season: 10
Episode: 7
Vital statistics
Air date 27 May 2017
Written by Peter Harness feat. the Grand Moff
Directed by Daniel Nettheim
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Extremis The Lie of the Land

>it's a Harness episode

don't worry though because moffat is co-writing so the story isn't a total shitfest.

oh no.

Stargate SG-12 is the episode of Series 10 where Bill sells out the entire planet to evil space egyptians just so Capaldi will get rid of the fucking sonic sunglasses.


Bill tries to get into a potential companion's panties before the Secretary General of the UN vagoo-blocks her, leading her to the Doctor where they must unlock the Pyramids of Monks. The Monks are fucking with all the army generals by telling them their world will end if they don't consent to giving it away. But you can't consent without love (because fuck casual sex). Honestly, though, earth was asking for it. I mean, have you seen how our planet looks from space? Total slut.

Meanwhile, a midget and her drunk boyfriend almost kill all of Earth because they got a decimal wrong in their calculations.


Something about Dougie Adams. At least it was better than 42. Also every country on Earth, including the xenophobic, fundamentalist and authoritarian ones are all totally cool with a Caucasian atheist alien being their world president.


Well I didn't think the show could get more ludicrous than last week and one of the most cancerous eps of NuWho was deemed non-canon. HARVO BARNESS