The Power of Kroll

The Power of Kroll
The Power of Kroll.jpg
Season: 16
Episode: 5
Vital statistics
Air date 23 December 1978 - 13 January 1979
Written by Robert Holmes
Directed by Norman Stewart
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The Rowers of Kroll is the boring story of the 16th season of Doctor Who and the fifth story in The Key to Time-Wasting story arc.  


It's a real slog because The Doctor and the Unsexy Romana spend a lot of time trudging through muddy swamps with some green-painted extras who keep chanting "Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!" like they thought he was going to make it to the championships this year or something.  


The only two memorable elements of the story are some guy wrestling with a rubber tentacle (surely you've seen enough hentai to know where that's going) and the fact that Cthulhu has a guest cameo as the alien god Kroll.  

It's supposed to be based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft, but it only proves that neither Robert Holmes nor Douglas Adams ever really read much of Lovecraft except for what was made famous by August Derleth, and thus comes across as a very bad impression of Lovecraft's writing style based on mass-marketed stereotypes and not what the usual Lovecraft story was actually like. Revelation of the Daleks is actually a lot closer to what Lovecraft usually wrote: Using setting and atmosphere to tell more than the plot itself, tons of worldbuilding, the main characters are a couple of frightened spectators and a ruthless leader, and humans turning into monsters. That is typical Lovecraft.  


The Doctor shushes The Unsexy Romana when they see where the rubber tentacle goes next.

Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!  Kroll!