The One Doctor

The One Doctor
Vital statistics
Range Main Range
Release number 27
Release date December 2001
Writer Clayton Hickman & Gareth Roberts
Doctor Sixth Doctor
Publication order
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Primeval Invaders from Mars

The One Doctor is a Fin Bigish play featuring Baking Pies as the Sixie Pixie and BonBon as Carrot Juice.

Since it came out before NuWho was a thing, it is therefore the franchises' second ever Christmas Special after The Feasting of Pussy, and just like that madhouse full of arabs, it is a light-hearted comedy. However unlike many Who festive specials, this one is actually GOAT, mainly because Based Gareth was involved and he actually knows how to write comedy, unlike some.

Notably, this story features a pre-Narwhal Mett Locust, as well as some guy who drives the Dalek costumes in PooWho.


Dr. 6 and Lemonade find a chubby con man and his pet skank impersonating them and looking to make a profit from faking an alien invasion and "defeating" it. Suddenly a real alien invasion starts, which leads to a wild goosechase where the Doctor, Mel and their impersonators have to find the three most prized sex toys of the solar system or something to halt the attack.



Based and comfy.