The Night of the Doctor

The Night of the Doctor
Goodnight, sweet prince.
Goodnight, sweet prince.
Season: 50th Specials
Episode: Minisode
Vital statistics
Air date 14 November 2013
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by John Hayes
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The Night of the Doctor is a shining light within the 50th Anniversary clusterfuck.


Paul McGann returns as the Eighth Doctor and tries to save some bitch on a crashing spaceship. Terrified of his devilishly handsome face, she refuses to go with him, leading them both to die as the ship crashes. Dumb bitch.

The Doctor is revived by some nuns who can't let a man as beautiful as McGann die. In a desperate bid to make him even more attractive, an affront to god, they give him some regeneration juice. After canonizing all of Big Finish, because he's just that great a guy, McGann drinks the stuff and changes into a poorly photoshopped younger John Hurt. After filming, McGann is quoting as having said "That's how you fucking do it, Tennant. None of this bitch face wishy washy pussy garbage." McGann then left to attend a beautiful immortals party.


The episode was filmed for a year in McGann's basement.


RTD was on set today filming a minisode.


Widely considered to be the only Canon appearance of the 8th Doctor. Just a shame it's not canonical.