The Next Doctor

The Next Doctor
Season: Series 4 Specials
Episode: 1
Vital statistics
Air date 25 December 2008
Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by Andy Goddard
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10 and 11 sharing his favorite overused catchphrase.
Who the fuck knows what these things are. More Classic RetardTD writing.
Giant Mecha Cyberman. Classic Davies.

The Next Doctor was the first episode of the horrible 2008-2010 Specials. It was awful and another in Russell T. Davies long running streak of really stupid episodes.

On the upside, it did introduce us to the canon Eleventh Doctor.


At the time there was a lot of speculation on who the next Doctor would be (get it, that's why its called The Next Doctor, Bravo Davies). Russell T. Davies thought it would be a good idea to try and capitalize on that by making an episode about a guy who believes he's the Doctor and hyping the episode up as if he might be the next Doctor. Well, anyone with a brain knew it was bullshit and a stupid ratings gimmick. It didn't fool me and many other people I saw online at time.

Anyways, once you actually watch the episode you can smell the bullshit coming a mile away. (That is if you didn't smell the bullshit already before) And once it does come its just another extremely retarded cop- out. (Classic RetardTD) The Cybermen also make an appearance in this episode, but in the most retarded way. (Another Classic RetardTD) There's also a lame poorly written female villain controlling the Cybermen or something I haven't seen the episode in years and can barely remember anything.

It's also all steampunk and shit.


Basically, this episode is shit. Avoid.