The Name of the Doctor

At last, I know the Doctor's true name. With it, I can open his tomb and take control of his entire time-line. And his name is...

The Name of the Doctor
Can we get our ball back, mister?
Can we get our ball back, mister?
Season: 7
Episode: 13
Vital statistics
Air date 18 May 2013
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Saul Metzstein
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Nightmare in Silver The Night of the Doctor
Matt finds out River is back.
Pancakes in a lake of piss.
Reminder that books.

The Name of the Doctor was the finale of Series 7. It explains the mystery behind Pancakes's multiple lives (and deaths) and reveals John Hurt as Warmode.

Pancakes gets inserted into old footage of all the Doctor's previous incarnations, including helping the First Doctor choose which TARDIS to steal.



The Paternoster Gang have a psychic phone call with Pancakes and River until they all get raped by the Whispermen (henchmen for the Great Intelligence). To save them the Eleventh Doctor must go to Trenzalore and let the Great Intelligence into his tomb so the GI can fuck up his timeline and turn all his victories into defeats.

Luckily The Amazing Pancakes the impossible sassy souffle girl is there to save the day and rescue all of the Doctors over and over. This ultimately results in her death as she is torn into confetti across a million timelines. Fortunately she survives completely unharmed for some reason.

River returns as a force ghost to train the Doctor as a jedi.

Le Doctor Trilogy

The Name of the Doctor was the first installment of three episodes that formed an arc around the end of the Eleventh Doctor's life. It was followed by The Day of the Doctor (centerpiece of the 50th anniversary celebrations and the only one of the three worth your time), and the Eleventh Doctor's demise in The Time of the Doctor

A mini-sode called The Night of the Doctor was release before The Day of the Doctor, which starred Paul McGuinness as the Eighth Doctor in his first role on television since he first locked himself and all the classic Doctors in his basement. He regenerates and makes all of Big Finish canon, BRAVO MCGANGRENE. Many agree it was the best part of the 50th anniversary, outside of The Five(ish) Doctors .

There's also Clarence and the Whispermen, which is the unnecessary minisode prequel to this story.


ITS FRICKING AMAZING!!!!! I would rate it 1/1 or -10/-10 to say it's amazing in a creative way.