The Mutants

The Mutants
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Season: 9
Episode: 4
Vital statistics
Air date 8 April - 13 May 1972
Written by Bob Baker & Dave Martin
Directed by Christopher Barry
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The Mutants (No, Not That One) is a 1972 serial in the popular sci-fi series Doctor Who and the Whoettes.


The Time Lords liked Colony in Space so much that they decide to send the Doctor and Jo on a mission to replay the same story, but as an allegory for apartheid instead of an allegory for the horrors what imperialism wrought on both kinds of Indians.

And then, in episode 3, suddenly it turns into a Bidmead-style sci-fi story, but produced by Barry "I Discovered CSO and I'm Gonna Use It" Letts instead of JNT.

Hopefully someone else will do a longer plot; I just wanted to write this one up because it was the only TV story that didn't have a page yet. Yay, now we're done and we can erase the whole wiki and start over.


For a long time, it was considered one of the worst stories of the Pertwee era. Then, because Doctor Who fans are all contrarians, is became the forgotten gem of the Pertwee era. No. It doesn't fail in any of the same ways as Pertwee's other weakest stories, but it fails in completely different ways instead. Terrible acting by all of the guest stars, bad location shots, repetitive and intrusive synth stabs, cliffhangers with no threat, metaphors that are simultaneously confusing and horribly unsubtle…

It's more like a bad Five story than a bad Three story. But that doesn't make it good.

From what I remember, the Target novelisation is actually pretty fun, however. So maybe it's just the terrible actors that bring this one down, or maybe Terrance Dicks is just a much better writer than Baker & Martin, I don't know.