The Mutant Phase

The Mutant Phase
Vital statistics
Range Main Range
Release number 15
Release date December 2000
Writer Nicholas Briggs
Doctor Fifth Doctor
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The Holy Terror Storm Warning

The Mutant Phase is a Big Fuck play starring Fiveh and Nyssa "I'm in every Fifth Doctor audio story except for the ones featuring Peri" of Traken. The story sees the two trying to stop a deadly insectoid evolution of the Dalek race that isn't as horrifying as the turkey evolution we saw in the Teninch era.


The powerful and indestructible Dalek Emperor is shitting himself because his own race is transforming into even more powerful and even more indestructible wasp mutants, so he forces "requests" the Doctor and some Thals to determine the cause and neutrilise it. Turns out it was a wasp breaching a Dalek casing and impregnating the mutant inside during the Daleks' conquest of Earth in the 22nd century. As you could probably figure out if you're not a pleb, this was never actually supposed to have happened; some wibbly wobbly crap occurred with the Emperor accidentally letting the infection spread across the entire Dalek race, so the Doctor's gotta go back and fix the timeline.

Featuring loads of continuity wanking, time corridor fun, and Nyssa getting stung on the arm (ouchie).


  • This audio is the third in a loosely linked trilogy known as Dalek Empire.
  • A condesned version of this story was released along with some issue of Doctor Who Magazine (as well as on SoundCloud) to give NuWhovians a taste of what Big finish has in store for them, because when deciding on a story to rake in newer fans, naturally you'd select one that heavily relies on Classic Series Dalek continuity, most specifically the Hartnell era.


Pretty good, actually. Give this one a listen my dudes. The full length version is definitely better, though.