The Moonbase

The Moonbase
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Season: 4
Episode: 6
Vital statistics
Air date 11 February - 4 March 1967
Written by Kit Pedler
Directed by Morris Barry
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The Eggbase is a Season 4 story that was also the fourth Second Doctor story and one of the very few decent Cyberman stories. It stars Patty Tratty finally perfecting his performance as the Doctor, Polly putting the kettle on, Frazer Hines as Jamie taking a nap, and Ben just being all around useless and boring, which unfortunately was his common behaviour once Jamie came onboard the TARDIS because, well... let's be honest, Jamie > Ben any day.


Cyber Jazz Hands.

The Doctor lands the TARDIS on the 21 year old egg, where he and his posse stumble upon a Moonbase that has been afflicted by an unidentified virus.

Turns out it was actually herpes. K bye.

In reality it was the Cybermen trying to secure control of the base with a mind-control bacteria, because the base possesses a device known as the Gravitron that controls the Earth's weather. The Cybermen want to take control of it to fuck up Earth's climate and kill off all the humans, which kinda goes against their ambition for survival; surely the humans would be excellent materials for conversion?

Then again, this is the kind of story that you gotta leave your brain at the door during, because the Cybermen's plan overall just doesn't make a lick of sense. They wanted to subdue the crew of a Moonbase so they could take control of the Gravitron, so naturally they decide to contaminate a substance that not everyone in the Moonbase takes? Why not infect the sexual air supply? It honestly would make their job a lot easier having everyone in the base infected and puppeteered, rather than just a few.


  • Shiny animated Cyberm8.
    This story was once half missing from the archives, until the BBC phoned up Animated Second Doctor to work his magic.
  • The Cybermen were drastically redesigned from The Tenth Planet, because the BBC released that people wouldn't continue to take the villains seriously if they still made :O faces when they talked  is so retarded that they got rid of the only good monster design to come out of this shitty little show.
  • This story had a French guy in it, and he didn't say hon hon baguette once! It therefore wasn't racist!


Besides the fact that the plot is kinda nonsense, this is still an enjoyable as fuck story. Besides, would you rather go with this or that Closing Time crap? Exactly.