The Lie of the Land

Fake News
Season: 10
Episode: 8
Vital statistics
Air date 3 June 2017
Written by Toby Whithouse
Directed by Wayne Yip
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The Pyramid at the End of the World The Empress of Mars
Joke's on you, I was only pretending.

The Lie of the Land is the episode where Capaldo turns evil (but not really). Also Bill starts going mad hallucinating her mum at the beginning.



What was the monks' goal? World Domination. Possibly to extract resources.

Might as well.

Why did he fake a regeneration if Bill doesn't know about regeneration? It was just a prank bro.


Does the Doctor now have the ability to emit regeneration energy? Could be new with this iteration, could be something he's always had- might not even have been regen energy.


If he's going to go around wasting regeneration energy why didn't he just fix his eyes? Could be that it wasn't regen energy. Could be that he tried and failed. The Doctor was never very good at being a Time Lord.

Why is it such a difficult feat to prevent regeneration when it is only triggered by slow deaths? Why not just decapitate the Master? or blow her up? Why not just use the most effective method developed to killing her? Why risk it on decapitation or explosives, the latter of which is a messy business anyway?


How did the monks fix the Doctor's eyes? Bill wished hard enough. How would the Monks have stopped the spread of bacteria?

Why did they not just kill the Doctor? Monks seemed relatively against killing- they were slavers, sure, but murdering a populous was not their intent. The Doctor made a better propaganda machine anyway. Not to mention the Monks might not have wanted to battle more Time Lords- they don't necessarily know how in contact with them the Doctor is.


Why did the Doctor's plan required six months of preparation? That's how long it took Nardole to do whatever he needed to do.

Epic Rusemaster Capaldo

How did Bill link minds with the monk? She's the fulcrum to their mind-propaganda.

Why did the monk controlling the thought machine not make an effort to physically restrain anyone? He was thinking too hard.

Why didn't they just shoot that monk like they did the others? A man who never would.

Why did they move the pyramid? To establish a stronger link with Bill Potts.

Why were they even using a pyramid? It's their ship. Why use anything else?

Why was no one guarding the outside of the pyramid? There aren't very many monks. There were some guarding it as the Doctor and Bill did get followed, but the propaganda create an illusion that there are way more monks than there actually are. Still, no human slaves guarding it was beyond retarded.

Why did they keep their ship on Earth and not in space? To establish a stronger link with Bill Potts.

Why was Missy the other "last Time Lord" if Time Lords are back? It was a joke, m8.

How did the simulation ultimately tie into the Monk's plans? Not sure how far their simulation ran, but it clearly worked correctly for the initial invasion.

Why could they accurately predict everything up to the virus outbreak but nothing after? Because they then become a variable in their own trial.

Why was the Veritas even in the simulation? It was created in the simulation by the entities within to let themselves know that their lives aren't real- Monks had nothing to do with it.

Why is it that a massive simulation that replicates the entire planet down to the atomic level, cannot achieve what millions of man made calculators inside their own simulation can do? They didn't program that part of the simulation because it wasn't important. What in their simulation cares about two people coming up with two independent random numbers at the same time? Might as well save space and just have a single RNG.

Why was everyone's reaction to finding out the truth to kill themselves? To fight the Monks by ruining their simulation.

If the Monks chose their forms specifically for the humans, why does the Master call them Monks? Other races have Monks. They might always have the robes on and appear Monkish, but the form inside the robes differs.

Why did they need consent to power the fake news machine? It is easier to control people with love than it is to control them with fear.

The Monk's secret weakness is... LOVE?! WHO'S BEEN SCREWING WITH THIS THING?!

The memory changing signal didn't work on time lords. Was it focused on humans? What about all the Zygon immigrants? Zygons have presumably spent enough time as human beings that they likely think and live life like them- assimilated essentially. In fact that's pretty easy to believe considering that Zygons are literally biologically built to take on a form as well as anything can. Similarly, the Monks might have assumed the wave affected the Doctor due to his humanoid form, but were incorrect because Time Lords.

The guy whose cassette player got destroyed by a bullet - why was he getting shot at by a human? How strong was that plastic cassette player that it could stop a bullet? Self defense. Luck.

Why did the Monks make everyone wear blue overalls? What else should they wear in the labor camps?

When they say the human race had become slaves, what were they enslaved to do? Resources.

If the Monks erased themselves from everyone's minds, what happens to the family members of the people sent to labour camps? Presumably they returned home during the revolution and afterwards any presence of the Monks was erased from their minds.

Capaldi reveals his true loyalty

What about all of the video footage that was taken in that time? Erased.

Why the fuck does a laboratory that hosts dangerous pathogens have an automatic system where the air is vented outside? Government funding and design.

Why didn't the Doctor use a reflective surface so that Tyrion could see the numbers on the combination? How the fuck would the Doctor find a reflective surface and know he's reflecting it the correct way? A better question is: Why didn't the Doctor use the facetime app on his Sonic Glasses to have Bill help him enter the combination?

If people can only submit to the Monks as an act of love, why do the Monks do everything in their power to scare the ever loving shit out of the human race? Why the doomsday clock, the flaunting of power, the grisly images of the future if they cannot submit through fear? Why not instead earn the human race's respect by say, curing cancer or ending all wars? Because their simulation knew it would work, and they likely didn't have the power or the desire to do the others.

Why is it that Bill submitting to save the Doctor counts as love and not "fear" or "strategy"? She loves the Doctor, not the Monks. She is consenting to the Monks, regardless of what they do to her or her planet, so that they can save him. It's not out of fear for herself or her planet, or best planned strategy- it's out of genuine care for the Doctor, and therefore full consent to them.

What use is a simulation where your replicants discover that they don't exist, you're simulating a timeline that can't happen in real life. Likely was a side effect of a damn good simulation being run the 1000th time.

How is it feasible that the Doctor could become president of Earth, how do the religious fundamentalists and xenophobes of the world feel about being governed by a Caucasian atheist mass murderer from outer space? Because the leaders of the world do not care what is saving their planet for the 10,000th time, as long as he succeeds.

Does the public know the Doctor was given the title of president of the World? Did every country agree to it or just the one guy? Is there records saying the Doctor is the president of the World? No. The leaders of the world presumably know, and that's it.

Even Gomez and Capaldi think this episode (and maybe even the whole trilogy) is shit.

How do they chose which Doctor is president? All of the Doctors are President.

What about the massive square of land in the middle of London that was wiped out for the pyramid? It was probably a park. If the Monks can fix the Doctor's eyes they can replace a damn park.

What happened to the people that were killed? People probably just assume hey died from natural causes or freak accidents. Whatever the Monks want them to think.

What happened to people whose whole lives were changed in the past 6 months? Only the Monks and their enslavement were erased- every other detail remains.

I'm not stopping now. Any questions?

Isn't it tremendously risky to occupy a planet with only 12 Monks? what if they were killed in a riot? or ambushed by armed insurgents? That's why they ran a simulation 1000s of times.

Why is it that a species that can pluck out ships and aircraft and anatomically alter people from thousands of miles away, have trouble quelling a revolt? Why not just reset their brainwashing technology? Because the power of love. Love is what made them powerful, and love is therefore their weakness.

A race that can cure blindness, stop planes in mid-flight, predict the future so they could stop wars, and many other things could gain humanity's worship simply through those actions instead of a consent machine, so why did they choose the latter? No they couldn't. Humanity wouldn't give up it's freedom to the Monks just because they could fix some of humanity's problems. Plus, it's a lot harder to enslave people after being randomly benevolent than it is to enslave them with their full consent.

If there mind control is passed down through the descendants of the person who made the original agreement why did they choose a lesbian? They could have forced someone to fuck Bill, or found a way to fertilize her egg- they don't give a damn about her orientation.

Barring all of that, it was still a mediocre episode.


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Last of the Time Lords only without the Master. Wait, no, it's just Last of the Time Lords. It's also Day Of The Moon, 1984, Silence of the Lambs, and to a lesser extent, A Link to the Past.

It's still better than most of those, though.

Bill fixes everything using the power of love.

Cappers spends six months hanging out with his Monk squad for shits and giggles, but he's doing it ironically like a true hipster. Then he gives free Walkmen to some soldiers ("BUT CLARRRRARR, SULJURS R BAD!" screams S8 Twelve). 


I T ' S   J U S T   A   P R A N K ,   B R O ! ! 
DWSR's discovery


The crack team at #DWSR uncovered what appears to be evilCapaldo addressing the country through store window TVs at Magpie Electricals.


This episode confirms that Donald Trump is 100% canon.

Except TARDIS Data Snore won't accept that the man in the photograph is Trump because he wasn't identified as such. But they can totally have an article on underpants.