The Lazarus Experiment

No, I'm sorry, did he say he was going to change what it means to be human?
David Tennant, interrupting in the middle of the first script read-through.

The Lazarus Experiment
Season: 3
Episode: 6
Vital statistics
Air date 5 May 2007
Written by Stephen Greenhorn
Directed by Richard Clark
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Evolution of the Daleks 42
Teninch prepares to deliver the timedick to every member of the Jones family.
Hang on...
"You're a doctor, right? Does this look infected to you?"
Tennant's reaction at the premiere of Last of the Time Lords.

The Lazarus Experiment (working title: The QuaterGatiss Experiment) was the sixth episode of the third series of NuWho with the Tenth Doctor and Martha Johns.

Plot, such as it is

Mycroft Holmes is a very old man who calls himself Professor Lazarus - nice subtlety there, BRAVO RTD GATISS Greenhorn, actually! He invents a big spinny-thing to make himself middle-aged again (why not 20?), but it changes him into a poorly-rendered video-game scorpion monster.

He dies, then kills some ambulance dudes then dies again and is naked in a very cold church at like 3 AM. There’s also some stuff going on with Martha’s family but it’s not terribly interesting and if you’re watching this out of order from the rest of the season, you’ll give zero fucks.


Eh, it's alright. Gatiss would have been a good classic series Master. And Martha's sister is every bit as... tasty... as her sister.

It's not the most interesting of stories (kind of suffers from that mid-series filler feel), but the conversation between the Doctor and Lazarus in the cathedral is GOAT and one of the best Ten and Doctor moments of all time.

Teninch finally showing an interest in Martha.