The Last Great Trip War

/who/ goes to war.
Typical soldier in the war.

Eons ago there was a war. It's hard to measure how it was fought but the end result was the death of the old trips, who are now sealed in a time lock (well a skype group no one has access to).


Before the war, /who/ was more trip than anon, during which time some trips (who ain't here anymore) were acting arsey.  

Some anons were getting pissy = huge internet fight.  

Old trips fucked off to a skype group. 

The End.


Because the war was so horrifying and so many trips were killed, many /who/res have blocked it out of their minds due to their PTSD. Although the details are sketchy, some managed to partially recall the ordeal. If I may quote:

I think it started with a trip named progeny. Openly vocal against memery of certain kinds. Led to shit flinging on both sides and then they formed their skype group for the cool kids, supposedly coming back tag teaming /who/ with shitposts. IIRC Someone posted caps of Prog and valley conspiring to do so (no idea as to the validity). Someone suggested a time without tripping (like a week) things improved and I believe wang was the only one who (who was tripping at the time) followed the suggestion. ~ Cloister


When someone mentions an old trip, the time lock opens, this is fixed by calling them a dick and revealing they bummed.