The Last Great Audio War

The Last Great Audio War
Date 2014 - ?
Location 4chan - /tv/ - /who/ (and /doctorwho/)
Result People breathing really heavily and typing really fast with their keybords. Fall of the Church of Splink. The death of the Jet Legs meme
Audiofags/Small Beginnings Some autistic anons
Commanders and Leaders
The CyberBrig The Abzorballoff
Tripfags Strawpoll spammers
Casualties and Losses
We scared Peter Capaldi away The "canon" of the audios

The Audio War - also called the Great Audio War or the Last Great Audio War - was the war between the mightiest races in /who/, the Audiofags and the Non-Audiofags, "for the sake of not looking autistic". It resulted in the apparent destruction of /who/, leaving only a few (known) Audiofags and a small number of haters as survivors. In a linear sense, it lasted for at least 24601 years. Fought throughout countless time periods, however, it more accurately lasted an eternity. (AUDIOThe Missing Tupperware)



The Audiofags created the Missing Tupperware script, which would be used to make a joke fan-audio and eventually become a succesful audio industry. They uploaded the audio to a /who/ thread through an organisation known as Small Beginings.


In AD November 17th, 2014, war was beginning anew. The autism was not to the same level it was prior, but it still managed to derail discussion for a good half hour to an hour. An agreement was reached that allowed Small Beginnings to stay on /who/ and not be forced over to /doctorwho/. Unfortunately, the armistice lasted for only a short time. An autistic anon created a second general thread for the audios, and received great hate from both audiofags and haters. It is well known that Paul McGann and Peter Capaldi were lurking at this time, both willing to participate in the audios. This autism scared both away, and they're unlikely to return anytime soon.