The King's Demons

The King's Demons
The King's Demons.jpg
Season: 20
Episode: 6
Vital statistics
Air date 15 - 16 March 1983
Written by Terence Dudley
Directed by Tony Virgo
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Enlightenment The Five Doctors
The Doctor being an absolute charming darling to his new robot fucktoy.

The King's Demons was the weird 2 part time-killer commissioned to finish off the overall atrocious Season 20. It starred Fivey, the gobby one, the useless one, and introduced the other useless one. Also based Ainley is back.


The Doctor staring at Tegan in disbelief, while Kamelion touches himself.

The Master wants to prevent Magna Carta. No seriously, that's his intention. Bravo for making the Meddling Monk redundant, Dudley. Or should I call you, Redundudley.

He intends to achieve this by using the shape shifting robot Kamelion disguised as King John to fuck up the real King John's reputation so much that he is rebelled against. Kamelion does this by just sitting there drinking wine and having a good time with his merry men with an overall welcoming and pleasant disposition. Ouch, that rebel.

Though thinking about it, this type of scheme does explain the accusations made against Jimmy Savile.


  • There's a recurring conspiracy theory that Kamelion is cursed, because everyone ever associated with him is dead now. I dunno about you, but I completely buy that. That's totally why Peter Davison and Janet Fielding, who both portrayed the robot for brief scenes in this story, are still living... hopefully I don't jinx that.
  • Kamelion joins the TARDIS crew as a companion, only appearing one more time before dying however.
  • They all head off to the Eye of Orion at the end, which fills you with a feeling of satisfaction as you've finally caught up to your first classic story, which you picked as your first because it was a good starting point to get yourself into the old show (Seriously, it's an 110% probability that you'll have watched The Five Doctors before seeing most other Classic stories, especially this one). BRAVO, LOYAL FAN.