The Invasion of Time

The Invasion of Time
The Invasion of Time.jpg
Season: 15
Episode: 6
Vital statistics
Air date 4 February - 11 March 1978
Written by Graham Williams and Anthony Read
Directed by Gerald Blake
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Gallifrey is made of cogs.
More cogs.
When will they learn?
Doctor, I'm pregnant.

The Invasion of Cogs is the sixth and final serial of Season 15 of Mister Doctor. It's a Fourth Doctor story that features Tom Baker, K-9 and the final appearance of Louise Jameson as Leela.


The Doctor returns to Gallifrey to claim the presidency. Borusa has been taking care of the Time Lords since the Doctor wasted Goth in The Deadly Assassin of Death but under Gallifreyan law, the Doctor's request cannot be refused. So Four becomes Lord President of Gallifrey and starts behaving strangely. He has Leela banished and is seemingly plotting to allow Gallifrey to be invaded by the evil Vardans. Oh shit nigga.

Eventually (After leaving viewers confused as all hell for an entire episode) it's revealed that the Doctor was just rusing everyone and when the Vardans arrive to invade he fucks their shit up and and traps them in a time loop. Unfortunately celebrations are short-lived because while Gallifrey's defenses are down, another alien race conveniently decides to invade - yep, it's the manlets! Hey come on now, the story is a six-parter after all, they had to stretch it somehow.

Predictably the manlets ruin everything (manlets, when will they ever learn?) but luckily the Doctor is able to fucking murder everyone with a De-mat Gun. The De-mat Gun is awesome, a forbidden Time Lord weapon powered by the Great Key which erases its victims from time itself. The Doctor is excused for using this weapon, because you cannot murder some one who has never existed. Needless to say, the Sontaran plot to blow up the Eye of Harmony doesn't quite work out and the Doctor saves the day.


The Doctor prepares to fuck off in the TARDIS but it appears Leela has fallen in love with some local bloke called Andred so she decides to stay behind and give birth to the first child on Gallifrey for millennia or something (BRAVO PLATT).


This story generally isn't all that well-liked but it's worth watching. But as with any six-parter (or any Classic Who really), be prepared for a bit of padding. (Like the introduction of the Outsiders living out in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere who's only purpose was to be up-staged by Leela's survival skills. Oh, and the introduction of Rodan, Godzilla's arch-nemesis.)