The Invasion

The Invasion
Special guest: the Animated Second Doctor!
Special guest: the Animated Second Doctor!
Season: 6
Episode: 3
Vital statistics
Air date 2 November 1968

9 November - 21 December 1968

Written by Derrick Sherwin & Kit Pedler
Directed by Douglas Camfield
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The Mind Robber The Krotons
The Invasion of the Over-used Visual Homage.
The cutest, sexiest, most adorable companion in the classic series, seen here standing in front of Zoe Heriot.
At last, the horrifying conversion process is complete. The Doctor and his companions have been completely transformed into two dimensional likenesses of themselves, much to the writers' delight.

The Invasion of the Cybermen should have been the title of the third story of season six of Classic Who, but instead it's the Invasion, which is awfully generic. Then again, they actually hold back the Cyberman reveal for a while, so I can see the logic. Can't you, Packer?

Still, if it were Terry Nation, you can bet this would be Invasion of the Cybermen no matter how long it took to reveal them. Instead, they've gotten Dalek Gerswhin to do it, Packer.


The Doctor and his fools meet up with this brand new special government task force put together to deal with the strange, mysterious, and unexplained. They call themselves Torchwood, and they're lead by none other than the Colonel. It seems there's a company that's being all evil and proto-cyberpunk and so something must be done to put a stop to it, isn't that right, Packer?

There's a model, and a bit with a reel-to-reel computer, and the whole UNIT dating controversy thing. The Cybermen are turning Kevin Stoney into a villain, because they've seen this show and know how this works, don't they Packer?

Also, there's Packer, who's a rapist. Aren't you, Packer?


  • This is where the shot of the Cybermen marching down the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral comes from, Packer.
  • Two episodes were destroyed by the BBC and never recovered, were they, Packer?
  • The missing episodes were reconstructed with animation for the DVD release. Animators Cosgrove-Hall carefully made sure to get accidental up-skirt shots of both Zoe and Jaime, to properly capture that authentic season-6 feel. It's not exactly Miyazaki level, but it gets the job done, doesn't it, Packer?
  • International Electromatics, the villain's company, later turned up as the name of a subsidiary of Cybus. BRAVO PACKER.


It's GOAT, which is good because it's a dry run for the UNIT Era. It showed how Doctor Who's more monster-centric turn could still work in the context of earth-based plots. Conveniently, it's both the template for every Third Doctor Story and every Cyberman Invasion story going forward. And we never get tired of that St. Pauls shot, do we, Packer?