The Infinite Quest

The Infinite Quest
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>it says bbc video
>its a dvd cover
Season: Animated
Episode: 1
Vital statistics
Air date 2 April - 30 June 2007
Written by Alan Barnes
Directed by Gary Russell
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Er... Scream of the Shalka? Dreamland
Ten doing a Shalka Doctor frown, and a high as fuck Martha.
Teninch and Freedonia in the studio.

The Infinite Quest is actually less than 45 minutes long, proving that NuWho has no better understanding of mathematics than Classic Who ever did.

You know how every once in a while someone says "They should make animated Doctor Who and let Big Finish writers write it"? Yeah, that already happened, and there's a reason you blocked it out of your memory. The only animated Doctor Who ever produced for television (not just so far, but probably until the end of time) was written by Big Finish's Doctor Who storyline editor, Alan Barnes, and directed by their executive producer, Gary Russell, and shown over the course of 13 weeks on Totally Doctor Who.

It stars Animated Tenth Doctor and someone who looks kind of like Marthaif you think all black people look alike.


You know how when you're watching an old Terry Nation story like The Keys of Marinus, you think this wouldn't be so bad without all the padding, but then you realize that if you take out all the padding, each episode would be only 3 minutes long? That's basically what this story is. AniTen and AniMartha are on an infinite quest to find a magic spaceship before the most evil man in the galaxy, Baltazar, can find it. So they stop off at a new setting every week and have a brief thing to do and they do it and end of the episode.

Finaly, the last episode goes like this:

Baltazar shoots the Doctor and steals the TARDIS and kidnaps Martha. The Doctor gets better a few seconds later and steals Baltazar's robot chocobo (which can fly through space at superluminal speeds, and also provide oxygen for the Doctor).

They meet up again at the magic spaceship and the Doctor defeats Baltazar by throwing a rock at him.

And then they all learn that the magic ship is Great Old One technology. Because if you're going to bring Lovecraft from the VNAs into the TV series, the best place to do it is in a goofy cartoon for the kiddie viewers.

The ship casts Phantasmal Force, but Martha makes her saving throw to disbelieve the illusion (and we learn that her heart's desire is Animated Tenth Doctor). And it can't fool the Doctor, because he doesn't desire anything. Take that, Rose.

Baltazar comes back and he doesn't make his saving throw, so he thinks the ship is full of gold. So the Doctor points the sonic screwdriver at the ship and it blows up, and Baltazar is sad, and gets arrested for... being sad? Or maybe for being evil--that's against intergalactic space law, right?


It's not terrible, like Dreamland. The animation is better, Anthony Head does a good job as Baltazar, Freema does a good job as... well, not really Martha, since they had to write it before anyone knew Martha's character beyond "in love with the Doctor", but whoever she's playing. Also, the actress who played the giant bug queen thing is the same one who played Meg Griffin.

But it's still not good. Half the episodes, nothing interesting happens. The other half, something interesting happens but it's over before they can even create any tension, much less resolve it. And then the end is a mess, just like every other story arc.

So, the only good reason to watch it is next time you think "They should make animated Doctor Who and let Big Finish writers write it", to remind yourself that no, no they shouldn't.