The Highlanders

The Highlanders
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Season: 4
Episode: 4
Vital statistics
Air date 17 December 1966 - 7 January 1967
Written by Gerry Davis
Directed by Hugh David
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The Highlanders is the complete fourth story of Season 4 of Porridge Who. It's the Second Doctor's second story and we'll probably never know whether it's any good or not.


Something about the Doctor, Ben and Polly going to Scotland to eat a shitload of haggis.


This story is the debut of Frazer Hines as best companion Jamie McCrimmon. He joins the TARDIS crew from this story onwards.

Not once does anyone shout "There can be only one!" But Jamie does shout "Creag an tuire!", which means "Turd Hill" in Scottish, which is close enough.

The Second Doctor does a funny German accent and bashes a guy on the head with a hammer. He also dresses in drag in this story. Already best serial.