The Gunfighters

The Gunfighters
The Gunfighters.jpg
Season: 3
Episode: 8
Vital statistics
Air date 30 April - 21 May 1966
Written by Donald Cotton
Directed by Rex Tucker
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The Gunfighters of the Apocalypse is the eighth story of Season 3 and it stars Jesse James Hartnell as the First Doctor, Peter Purves as Steven Taylor and Jackie Lane as Dodo.

Before you go thinking it's Classic Who: The Western, perhaps a black and white version of that one episode in Series 7, it's not. In fact what you'll be enjoying is closer to a Doctor Who musical, so get ready for plenty of The Ballad Of The Last Chance Saloon.


The grumpy Doctor has a toothache so where better to have it fixed than in the Wild West town of Tombstone, home of Doc Holliday and the shootout at the OK Corral.

The Doctor and companions get completely shitfaced drunk at the local saloon and begin singing terribly annoying songs until the local cowboys get fed up and shoot them all repeatedly.