The Green Death

The Green Death
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Season: 10
Episode: 5
Vital statistics
Air date 19 May - 23 June 1973
Written by Robert Sloman
Directed by Michael Briant
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The Green Death is a Season 10 story starring Jon Pertwurzel as the Third Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant. It's a bit like In The Forest of the Night only not shit, for the most part.


The environment stuff is pretty ham fisted but it contains a great companion exit that puts Doomsday to shame and a based singing computer as the bad guy. Also has the Giant Fly, a character even more complex and sexy than even Mr. and Mrs. Packoo.


Among the bonus stuff on the DVD is a mockumentary featurette that, despite being written by and starring Mark Gatiss, is actually kinda funny and pretty comfy.

The evil corporate drone leader from the story has become the BBC Director of Programming, and insists that the BBC will now be 100% safe and efficient and risk-free. Right as Gatiss was trying to pitch a NuWho revival to the BBC. Wonder why they went with RTD instead?