The Great Wiki Evisceration of 2018

Shape the fuck up or ship the fuck out.
— Wikia Moderators

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On April 25, 2018, a day which will live in infamy legend - just a little over a month after /who/ was brutally and mercilessly heroically assassinated - a champion of this wiki received a notice from the gods of the wikis that if we didn't change our racist, homophobic ways, the wiki would actually unironically be deleted. In order to preserve the last great stronghold of /who/ knowledge and history left, this brave hero agreed to the terms set forth, and mournfully joyfully began removing every racial and homophobic slur from our beloved archive. (In other words, all of the funny awful nasty and hateful jokes have been unfortunately quite rightly erased.) So, after nearly 4 years of 24/7 canon, we have officially become even more Shit canon.

Well, we tried.