The Great Intelligence

The Great Intelligence is clearly the best villain that Doctor Who has ever had. I mean, what other villains can you name in the entire combined canon of the TV show, the audios, the books, comics and fanfictions that have a personality as deep and as rich as good ol' GI here? His presence is so cherished by the fandom that any episodes that don't feature him are immediately considered non-canon because holy shit, he's that much integral to the identity of the program. When we look back to consider the most memorable moment of this franchise, we won't think of the cliff-hanger to episode one of The Daleks or "Do I have the right?", or Ten and Rose crying on the beach or Gallifrey Stands... We will look back on the long and padded out serial we call The Abominable Snowmen and the beautiful multi-layered character it crafted, that became so iconic that it no longer exists (as is usually the case). When The Web of Fear was rediscovered in the best year of the show ever, we were so pleased because we were finally able to see our favourite menace in action once again (it definitely wasn't because we were happy to see more of that prick Troughton or whatever people may say). Steven Moffat understood the characters' rich storytelling potential and brought him back during Fat Shit's era, casting Richard E. Grant in the role. God, Richard... He played the part so perfectly, with a constant blank facial expression and the ever-droning tone of boredom pouring out of his gut-wrenching, Oscar-winning performance. It's definitely up there with Bonnie Langford as some of the best acting this show has ever had. His performance makes the character so shippable too - like, that part in Name of the Doctor where he stands three millimeters from Matt Smith's face, grabs his cheeks and squeezes hard... Ugh, it gets me so wet. Great Intelligence x 11 for lyfe! Also, Great Intelligence x Clara is kinda hot too.

Almost as hot as 11 x Craig.

Real opinion

...Yeah, he's pretty crap.

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